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Dog Island

Atlantic Canada's #1 cultural marxist podcast. Bark bark.

Nov 28, 2017

We offer our expertise to help landlords and developers sell their condos//a rundown on why a CFL stadium will probably be bad//some thoughts on Justice League//an update to the Paradise Papers.

The book by Jacob Remes that Chris said you should read can be found here: 

Nov 14, 2017

We're talking the Paradise Papers and giving our top picks for who the 49 Nova Scotians named on it are. JS Rutgers joins us to talk about her recent article on street checks for the Coast. Hugh Explains War Games.


Read JS' article here: 

Nov 2, 2017

We revisit some old friends as we try to make sense of the whirlwind week Halifax city council had. Finally we talk about wrestling. 


We read emails written by children/real journalists dug into city council emails/we give too much context/Cleary won’t say marijuana but Whitman will say a racial slur from the...