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Dog Island

Atlantic Canada's #1 cultural marxist podcast. Bark bark.

Mar 26, 2020

Everyone is still in their houses. Lots of callers in this one, people from all over "Canada" letting us know what's up their parts of the country. 

Mar 20, 2020

Hey folks,

Gonna start doing weekly call in shows over at every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm EST, as long as we're all stuck indoors we might as well talk to one another.

This one is a bit rough because we're still getting our bearings, but we'll get there!

Mar 3, 2020

Hugh and Andrew go to the NS NDP policy convention and cut their teeth as real journalists.  Lots of talks about policy and food including information about the NS NDP Socialist Caucus and a conversation with party leader Gary Burrill.